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Accurately referred to as the ‘Russian Versailles’, Peterhof is a fantastic destination to visit. It is particularly spectacular from late-May to mid-October, when the 147 fountains are turned on, but even so it is well worth visiting at any other time of year. 

The Grand Palace is the focal point at Peterhof, standing in the centre of the gardens on a natural terrace, with a spectacular view down the Sea Channel to the Gulf of Finland.. A walk through the palace’s magnificent rooms and imposing halls is a wonderful way to get a glimpse of the splendor and opulence that the tsars and tsarinas lived in. There are impressive collections of the royal families’ possessions, most of which were gifts from abroad, such as brooches, fans, clocks and tobacco holders.
Fountains are everywhere you look around the gardens of Peterhof, and, sometimes, where you don’t look. The most spectacular constructions are the Great Cascade, with its impressive golden statue of Samson Rending Open the Jaws of the Lion, and the Dragon Cascade, where water ripples over a chessboard background between statues of ferocious-looking dragons.


Catherine's Palace and the surrounding parks were created by Empress Elizabeth and Catherine the Great, which is why Pushkin was formerly known as 'village of the tsar's' (Tsarskoe Selo). The palace, with its famous Amber Room, is an impressive post-WWII reconstruction. The adjoining Cameron Gallery has a magnificent view of the park and the Agate Room. The gardens of Catherine Park are dotted with unusual buildings, including a Chinese village.


It may have the austere look of a military institution, but inside you can see that the Gatchina Palace was home to the Romanov family, although the rooms are not so luxurious as the palace in Pushkin. The palace has various temporary and permanent exhibitions including a weaponry display and the church at the top of Gatchina’s main pedestrian mall is also worth seeing. But the big attraction is the underground tunnel running from the palace to the ornamental lake. 


Subtle, romantic, relaxing and quiet. All perfect words to describe Pavlovsk. Only 30 kilometers from the big city, it feels like a world away. The small town hosts the fascinating Pavlovsk Palace, encompassed by a huge park (1,500 acres of it!). Tall trees, scattered streams and endless paths make for many a secluded spot. The enchanting Pavlovsk Palace, with its magnificent neoclassical interior, is a feast for the eyes. The country residence of the Imperial family boasts beautiful architecture and captivating history.

State complex “The National Congress Palace”

Located on the picturesque coast of the Gulf of Finland, far from the city vanity, in the green space of St.-Petersburg. “The National Congress Palace” combines the functions of the state residence, historical and cultural reserve and the business centre. It is opened for carrying out various actions: scientific and political forums, corporate meetings, exhibitions and presentations. 

Konstantin palace is the Dominating structure of the complex. It is the former residence of grand dukes of the House of Romanovs and the revived monument of the Russian architecture of the XVIII-th century. Today within the palace expositions Russian painting, decorative and applied arts of XVIII-XX centuries including the world-famous collection of M. Rostropovich and G. Vishnevskaya are widely presented. The palace is surrounded by the park, extending to the coast of the Gulf of Finland. 

Near the hotel the Consular village is situated. It is the small VIP-class village composed of 20 two-storied cottages of a “de-luxe”-class. Each of them bears the name of the Great Russian city, and their arrangement reminds the Russia’s map in miniature. Interiors of all the cottages are decorated by subjects of the modern art of those of region of Russia in honor of which they have received a name. 

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